Thursday, October 18, 2012


Amanda Willoughby
8201 Everwood Cove, Germantown, TN 38138   (901) 334-8787

I am interested in securing a full-time media driven position, in a challenging environment, that focuses on the execution of quality digital video production.
Memphis College of Art - August 2008 - present
Candidate for Bachelor of Fine Arts with a Digital Media Concentration, December 2012
3.1 GPA

Artistic/Technical Skills
Software Knowledge
Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Logic Pro, FL Studio, After Effects, Compressor, DVD Studio Pro, Adobe Encore, Isadora, Microsoft Office

Artistic Skills
Script writing, 3 act story structure, 3 Point Lighting, Cinematography, Character Development, Character Design, Storyboarding

Other Skills
Organizational Skills, Soundboard Operation, Presentations and Public Speaking, Professional Email and Phone Etiquette

Neighborhood Christian Centers Inc. - Paid Internship
September 2010 – present
Assist Multi-Media Director in all pre and post production of children’s program Junior TRUTH Seekers
Duties: Script writing, research, storyboarding, filming, studio lighting, manage production equipment, editing, animate titles, apply special effects, DVD authoring

New Life Holiness COGIC
August 2011 – November 2011
Film sessions of Build-a-Wall Program and edit footage for Saturday morning broadcasts.

Concord Academy – Work Study
August 2008 – December 2008
Design creative and stimulating art lessons and projects for a biweekly special-needs class
Instruct and assist class with art projects

Featured Work
2012 – Interactive Installation featured at The Annual Music Video Showcase: Powerhouse. Memphis, TN

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hours logged

Saturday Oct 13
5 hours filming
we spent half the day recording the outside scenes. Things took much longer than i expected. There are at least 5-10 takes of each shot. At times, I got a very worried. My actors are good, but taking direction wasn't their strong suit at times.  I am pretty sure, with all that I have, that I will  be able to have a decent product. I have actors who are good sports and don't mind the work so that helps me tremendously.

I did have some scheduling issues with my actors however. We did not finish all of the script due to time restraints (the ending is not done). But we are scheduled to record this saturday to complete and reshoot anything I need.

Sunday Oct 14
4 hours
Logging and transferring footage took FOREVER. I spent my morning organizing what I shot on saturday.
I was initially scheduled to shoot this day but I couldn't get the girls together.

Monday Oct 15
5 hours

Tuesday Oct 16
4.5 hours filming
I went through hell to make it happen, but we filmed tuesday evening. We didn't get started until about 5 and again, these scenes took a long time to get through. I wish we would have gotten more, but I had to be patient with my actors (especially the younger one b/c she didn't seem to understand all of my direction.

Wednesday Oct 17

*my biggest issue with the scheduling is that I have to pick my actors up from 2 different sides of the city (cramming them both + my dog and myself into my 2-seater... fun) and their personal schedules took away from filming time.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hours logged

Saturday October 4
I spent this past weekend doing drills with lines. We attempted to shoot an outside scene and ended up doing about 5-10 takes per line. My younger actress did great in delivery of her lines, but fell a little short hitting her marks consistently (she's 11 so i'm not expecting a super long attention span). I found my mojo in directing though! I find it's easiest for my older actor, Cara, when I completely act out the scene for her so she can imitate what I want. We had to take it line-by-line but I'm glad we did. I feel much better about her delivering in this part.
4 hours filming

Sunday October 5
I took Max out again to film some more. We tried several different areas. Now i'm working on trying to pick out what I want most. The scenes with the girls are pretty short, but the scenes with Max are turning out to be quite long. I don't want the dogs to steal the show, so I'm doing some more edits and really hoping for a great shoot this weekend.
2 hours fiming

Pulled an all-nighter getting footage sorted, organzed, and roughly edited.
7 hours in Mini-lab

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hours logged

Thursday - Editing
4 hours

Saturday - Filming
1 hr prep rehearsal
4 hours

Monday -  Editing
9 hours

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

hours worked

Thursday Sep 20
3 hours- learning color correcting and organizing shots during class

7 hours- Filming Dogs

Sunday Sep 23
2 Hours Filming Max
4 Hours indexing footage and editing

6 Hours editing

Thursday, September 20, 2012

More Job Research

Running Pony
As of the moment, there aren't any postings for jobs that im interested in, but I'm optimistic about applying here. It's always good to at least be on file when future opportunities arise. I called their intern coordinator, but he is currently on vacation (interning is not the route that I want to go for this company- interns must receive school credit) . However, I located an old job posting for running pony that gives me some insight on what they're looking for in an ideal candidate. From what I've read, they don't carry a very large staff at Running Pony, so the position is probably pretty competitive. 

901.683.6693 | 877.891.7669

Successful production and post-production company in Memphis, TN, is now accepting resumes and reels for a creative, experienced motion graphics artist and 3D animator with a broad range of post-production skills. College degree in Graphic Arts, Communications or a related major preferred. Must be proficient in: After Effects, Cinema4D, Avid, Photoshop, Illustrator, and DVD authoring software; various video codecs, encoding, and compression tools; non-linear video editing; and outputting to multiple formats. The position primary entails creating graphic-intensive local/regional commercials. Other video production and/or post-production skills not mandatory, but a plus.

The ideal candidate is:
• A graphic designer with a keen eye
• Creative but grounded
• An energetic, self-starter
• Able to work well in a team environment
• Able to handle multiple projects at once
• Able to work well under deadline pressure and exhibit a positive, “can-do” attitude
• Friendly and responsive to client needs and demands
RUSH your resume, references, salary history and portfolio of work to: Rod Starns, Running Pony Productions, Or email Rod. EOE/MF.

Neighborhood Christian Centers Inc. 
I have spoken with the CEO, Ephie Johnson, about possibly working full time after I graduate. After I leave, they'll basically need someone to do everything that I'm doing now, and I've built a great relationship with the staff. She told me to write her a letter when I graduate about working full time, specifically detailing my. So I will be preparing a specific package for this job, including work that i've done for the company. I think I am a very valuable asset to them, when i started the videos i was working on were pretty rough. But after 2 years, my supervisor and I have grown our videos into something that is weekly televised locally (and that's pretty big).

MidSouth Visual
Nashville, TN 37129
My sister lives in Nashville, so working here is within reality for me. I really love their After Effects work! It's pretty simple in technique and all stuff that I know how to do. I've always wanted to do commercial work. 

Paul Lyke

Optimum Studios

Tyler Perry Studios
I'm hitting dead ends everywhere... No answer from the number I found, just an address to send info. The TPS website has an entry area for prospective candidates, but it's really vague. I want to work for him, but I have no idea how to get into contact with someone directly. They made that very difficult. 
3300 Continental Colony Parkway Southwest, Atlanta, GA 30331
404-222-6448 Intern/Employeee Hotline

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hours logged for progress

The scene with max and his friend is coming together. I feel I pretty much have what i need except for the pitbull part. After sitting down with Max's footage, I feel that its cute but not funny enough (im just talking about the first montage, the second is hilarious).

There were some parts that I will be cutting and reworking. The great dane didn't work out (we tried, but he was  not a good sport). The pitbull was also a handfull, but i'm really going to try to get her in there.
At this point, I feel way more behind than I want to be and that makes me a bit nervous. This is probably because I've been directing animals.... when I get to filming the girls I'm sure I'll be much happer. With the dog footage, I filmed way more than necessary to ensure that I have what I need; but it has been a challenge. I actually have a lot of footage of the dogs in more secluded wooded areas, so Im thinking of changing a few things in my script. more specifically, the area when max is alone and finds his way back.

This weekend I will be starting with the scene when the girls first exit their home. Their conversations are actually very short, so this should be a fun shoot.

I'll make this into a chart soon...

Thursday Sep 14
3 hours - organizing footage
(at this point i was not happy with the footage gathered, and decided to reshoot most of my shots with the dogs)

Saturday Sep 16
6 hours Filming - bartlett park and neighborhood shots

Sunday Sep 17

Tuesday Sep 18
4 hours of filming- shelby farms, germantown

Wednesday Sep 19.
Organized and Edited Footage
Prepared for weekend shoot
Prepped presentation for Employment package